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T-GLOBAL GrOUP promotes building wealth through home-based businesses and where residual income (doing a good job once and it continues to pay month-after-month, year-after-year) is the long-term foundation. Whether it is to supplement personal income, a primary source of household income or simply to earn extra income to fulfill a dream; home-based businesses offer flexible options to achieve great financial success.

Our team of home-based business specialists are here to assist you with the tools needed to support, promote and grow your current home-based business or to help you get started in one.

Here are some of the benefits of having a home-based business:

  1. Transportation Costs – The price of gas continues to increase and those who live several miles or more from their job spend a good portion of their income on transportation and maintaining their vehicle. The daily fight in traffic can be frustrating and the commute back and forth from work eats away productivity time. A home-based business will end the frustrating, bumper-to-bumper daily commute, reduce stress levels and save money on vehicle upkeep and maintenance.

  2. Low Start-Up Costs – Compared to other more traditional forms of business, most home-based businesses have a comparatively lower start-up cost. The overhead costs are lower too, since the mortgage or rent is already being paid.

  3. Flexible Schedule – One of the biggest benefits of owning a home-based business is the ability to enjoy a flexible schedule. Having the option to work at night or first thing in the morning is ideal for entrepreneurs who are juggling children and other obligations. This also allows more free time for family activities. Being able to attend the children’s recital or sporting events and not have to ask for time off is priceless.

  4. Tax Deductions and Benefits – The tax benefits of owning a home-based business can be quite lucrative. It is very important to keep receipts and have good bookkeeping for everything purchased to run the business. There are many things that may qualify for a tax deduction such as home office equipment, mileage driven for business purposes to phone and internet service. ***Consult a qualified tax professional with experience in the tax laws to get the maximum write-offs and deductions for your  home-based business.

  5. Unlimited Earning Potential – Owning your own home-based business allows for unlimited earning and growth potential where all of your hard work directly benefits you and your family. Give yourself a raise whenever you want and for how much you want by adding more customers or working a little harder. Add residual income to the mix and continue to get paid over and over for a good job done one time.

  6. Professional Growth - Running a home-based business not only allows you to be your own boss but also gives you the opportunity to wear a lot of hats such as sales manager, marketing director, janitor, receptionist, business development consultant and more. This experience gives you an insight into all aspects of running a business, which, in turn, makes you more marketable.

  7. Self-Improvement – One of the greatest bi-products of business ownership is becoming an overall better person inside out. Mind, body and spirit along with increased profits and business savvy are acquired by becoming a student of your passion and working with positive-minded, successful people who are there to guide and help nurture your growth. Great books like Dale Carnegie’s - How to Win Friends and Influence People, Robert Kiyosaki’s - Rich Dad Poor Dad, Michelle Hannah’s – The Breaking Point and Willie Jollie’s - Turning Setbacks Into Comebacks are just a few of the powerful tools that will help build self-confidence in business and in social settings.

These are just a few of the many benefits of owning your own home-based business. Sure there are challenges. It’s not a get-rich scheme so it will take hard work and discipline. This is where T-GLOBAL GrOUP and our team of experts step in to guide you along your home-based business development journey. We have hand-picked and partnered with several world-class businesses in network marketing, telecommunications, health and wellness, coaching, legal and identity theft protection, cultural and Christian art wholesale/retail/fundraising, nutritional products and contracting to name a few. Pick one that works for you and Join Us, you will always know and find comfort in the fact that you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.

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